Liberal Intolerance Rears Its Ugly Head At The University Of Michigan


By: Matt Winkeljohn – Democrats and Liberals tout peace and tolerance, that is unless you disagree with them. Omar Mahmood, a student at the University of Michigan, considers himself to be a political conservative and a Muslim.  He, until recently, was also a writer for both of the campus’s newspapers: the … Continue reading

Sandy Hook Families File Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer


By: Matt Winkeljohn – Ever since some spilled coffee at a McDonalds, people have found all sorts of reasons to sue anyone they can.  The surviving families of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting are no different. Lawmakers and the families of the children from the alleged shooting at Sandy Hook … Continue reading

Know Your Rights When Dealing With Police

Properly organised checkpoint

By: Matt Winkeljohn – Cops will bully, harass, lie and sometimes even assault you in order to get you to talk to them.  But you don’t have to! There are a lot of laws that vary from state to state, but many do not. I suggest you get to know … Continue reading

Video Evidence That Cleveland Police Did Not Hesitate To Shoot And Kill 12yo Tamir Rice


By: Matt Winkeljohn – On Monday, November 24, 2014, Cleveland police responded to a call about a guy with a gun in Cleveland’s Cudell Park. The guy with the gun was 12yo Tamir Rice and the gun was an air-soft style BB gun. Rice was playing on the playground and in … Continue reading