November 7, 2014 Comments

The Police State And What It Costs YOU

By: Matt Winkeljohn – The ever growing police state in the United States has been on the minds and lips of many Americans over the last decade or so. Some say that it is needed for the security of the people Read More
October 5, 2014 Comments

Are The Police Actually Needed?

By: Matt Winkeljohn – With nationwide rampant police misconduct and the growing concerns about excessive force and militarization, are we at a point in this country where we would be better off without the Read More
July 23, 2014 Comments

Do Gun Laws Stop Gun Crime?

By: Matt Winkeljohn – According to anti-gun crowd, a mass scale “assault weapons” ban would dramatically reduce gun crime.  This statement, of course, is not backed up by any factual data. Read More
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