Another Cop Murders Another Unarmed Citizen – This Time, A Sunday School Teacher

2013-07-08 19_57_22-Cops Shoots Unarmed Woman Motorist To Death For Rolling Up Her Car Window - YouT

By : Matt Winkeljohn –

Protestors, photographers, dogs, cats and now Sunday school teachers have now become a notch in the belt for murderous cops.

While harassing an unarmed Sunday school teacher, a Culpeper, Virginia police officer opened fire and killed 54 year old Patricia Cook.

Cook was a Sunday school teacher at Epiphany Catholic School and was reported to have been in the parking lot because she was applying for a full time job at the school.

An eyewitness report says that the officer fired his weapon once inside the car after Cook rolled her window up.  Cook started to drive off and the officer (on foot) chased after her, firing several more shots in to Cooks car, ultimately killing her.

The officer claimed that Cook rolled her window up on his arm and dragged him down the road and that is why he shot her.  There are major problems with that story though…

If Cook had the officers arm trapped in the window and was dragging him down the street, then how was he able to run behind the vehicle while firing his weapon?

According to the eyewitness, the officer had already had his gun drawn before the first shot was fired and before Cook drove off.

Did the officer fabricate his story in order to cover up his blatant misuse of force?

Did the officer chase Patricia Cook down in order to “finish her off” so there would be no witnesses to his misconduct?

See the video below-

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